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  • All summer long your instagram feed will be filled with bloggers and trendy women wearing two piece sets, and we are here for it! A two piece set is such an essential outfit for everyone to own because it is so versatile. Buying a set is basically like buying three outfits in one. Here are some helpful tips to style your next set!

    1. Top and bottom worn together.

    Our Cora Set scores extra bonus points because it is striped, and stripes are clearly the hottest trend this summer season. This set looks adorable paired with your favorite tan strappy sandals and wicker beach bag. Check out our Bali Purse for a trendy touch.


    2. Top worn with a high waisted skirt.

    Our Ditsy Top obviously pairs seamlessly with our Ditsy Pants, but looks just as cute with a high waisted denim skirt. Since tie tops are another favorite summer trend, the Ditsy Crop Top delivers warm weather vibes with it’s fun print and cropped construction. Pair this top with our Free People Modern Femme Skirt and sandals or wedges.


    3. Bottoms worn with a cropped top

    Since most of our favorite sets are high-waisted, the bottoms can be mixed and matched with any cropped top in your closet! Our Darling Pants are not only extremely comfortable, they also look amazing paired with our Free People Take Me Back Brami and a pair of cute slides. The Christy Sandals are our newest obsession to complete casual yet cute outfits.


    Ooh La Luxe Stylist, 

    Laurie Kelso

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  • Luxe STYLE Society

    Ever wished you could sit back and have someone plan the perfect looks for you?  With our new Luxe Style Society you can! Join the club and enjoy monthly, in-store sessions with a stylist dedicated to making sure you look amazing.

    Luxe Style Society pairs you with a trained personal stylist based on your unique tastes and fashion goals.  Whether you are looking to go glam for an event, find next season essentials or build a collection of basics, your stylist will have you feeling like a celebrity, hand-selecting the latest pieces in the perfect size and style for YOU.  Best of all, there is NO obligation to purchase and you get 20% off any pieces you choose to buy!

    Ready to get started? SIGN UP HERE Send us your name, email address, the store you will be styling in (Petaluma, Santa Rosa or Healdsburg) and a little about your fashion goals. You’re stylist will get in touch to schedule your first appointment. 

    If you can't make it in we have you covered! Just sign up for our online Style Box HERE.

    Happy shopping!

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  • About the Ooh La Luxe Team

    Twin sisters Cristina and Michelle Wilson have dreamed of owning their own boutique since they were little girls. Their first business endeavor was a coffee cart they owned in college which quickly expanded to multiple locations. After years of countless 4 AM shifts while also putting themselves through school, the twins graduated Sonoma State and their next move was immediately clear: it was time to live out their dream of opening a clothing boutique. 

    So Cristina and Michelle sold their coffee cart and used all the money they made to open their first store in downtown Petaluma. It was a quaint 500 sq ft. loft and they worked tirelessly to hand select the perfect pieces from thrift stores, vintage shops, and garage sales. After a year in business in their first location, the twins knew they were ready to expand and opened shop in a new space more than four times the size of their first one--and that became the Petaluma store you know and love. Once Ooh La Luxe became a Petaluma staple with a steady flow of regular customers, Cristina and Michelle thought the Santa Rosa Mall would be a perfect place to continue to grow the business. The new store was a hit, and with the introduction of a booming online store shortly thereafter, it was clear Ooh La Luxe was bound for success. Now with almost 10 years in business, Ooh La Luxe has three locations, a thriving web store, 19 amazing team members, and a loyal handful of celebrities/influencers supporting and sporting the brand. Meet those team members here:


    Co-owner Cristina Wilson was inspired to open her own clothing store by her natural tendency towards business and her passion for curating unique and beautiful pieces. She sees fashion as a means of self-expression believes that your personal style is a way of letting people get to know you a little just from looking at you. Because of this, she loves helping customers find clothing that makes them feel confident and look amazing. An avid thrifter and a talented DIY artist, Cristina hand makes many of the ornate visual displays featured in the stores. A perfect day to Cristina would be grabbing a coffee, hitting the antique fair, crafting, and spending time with her husband Shane and her daughter Summer.


    Co-owner Michelle Wilson has always loved the eclectic and expressionistic nature of fashion, admiring how it's unique each individual locale. Her travels all over the world have been a major source of inspiration for Ooh La Luxe and big part of the reason the stores feature such unique items. Her favorite place she's ever traveled was Morocco, and you can definitely see that influence in the store displays and homeware items! Michelle's other passions include hiking, home styling, and spending time with her husband Colby and her daughter Harlow.


    Natalie is the store manager and lead stylist in the Petaluma location. If you've ever visited the store, you know her as the curly haired boho goddess with a contagious smile, usually seen wearing fabulous printed pieces from Spell and Free People. She's a Sebastopol native who studied ballet for 20 years before moving to London to study fashion. Natalie is a huge foodie with an extensive knowledge of Sonoma County eateries, so feel free to ask her for a restaurant recommendation while she's helping style you for your next event.


    Brandi is the operations manager and loves music and shopping for records to add to her collection. My favorite find is an original pressing of a Buddy Holly record I found at a local shop when I lived in New Jersey!

    Who is your style icon and why? Stevie Nicks is my biggest one. I love putting on a flowy, Stevie-inspired kimono over a basic tank and adding a few rings to it. I'm also inspired by Sienna Miller's take on boho in the early 2000s. I love print and I've never met a floral pattern I haven't liked. Also, anything Anna Sui creates (past or present) is such an inspiration.


    Petaluma assistant manager Stasia has an eye for aesthetics, as shown by her talents as a stylist. She moved from Moscow, Russia when she was a child. She's a Communications student at Sonoma State University. Stasia is head over heels for the brand Spell and the Gypsy collective, and right now she can't get enough of the City Lights maxi because it's a one-of-a-kind piece that also features a high waist and pockets. Girl's got her priorities in check.


    Brittany is a stylist at the Petaluma store. She's a Petaluma native who loves that Ooh La Luxe is in the heart of downtown and perfectly fits into the town's welcoming, chill vibe. Her passion is helping women feel beautiful in all regards, evidenced by the fact that Brittany had been a hairdresser for four years before joining the Ooh La Luxe team. Since beauty and fashion go hand-in-hand, the transition made perfect sense, and she loves styling customers and helping them feel beautiful.


    Nacia is a stylist and seamstress at the Petaluma location. She attends the Summerfield Waldorf School and Farm in Santa Rosa, which explains her array of artistic talents. Nacia loves being surrounded by the women who work at Ooh La Luxe because their individual style gives her creative inspiration, and one of her favorite parts of working at the store is one-on-one styling appointments with customers where she gets to really exercise her creativity.


    Petaluma stylist Emiliana is a San Francisco native, but that doesn't stop her from loving the family feel and small-town vibes of Ooh La Luxe. She's currently studying Communications at Sonoma State University, after which she dreams of being going to culinary school and becoming a wedding planner, so you know she's got you covered for those special events where you need the perfect dress! Speaking of perfect dresses, her current favorite piece is the Indio dress because of its bright colors and the way it flows. 


    Andrea is Santa Rosa store manager, and she's been with Ooh La Luxe for five years--over half of the time it's been in business! Her prolonged background in fashion gives her an extensive knowledge of brands and trends, which is part of what makes her an amazing stylist. One of her favorite parts about being with the company for so many years is the relationships she's cultivated with regular customers, because being familiar with people's style and preferences allows her to be even better at helping them find pieces they love.


    Monica is the Manager in the Healdsburg store, and she loves that Ooh La Luxe carries brands like Spell, Free People, and Sbicca. Monica is a Sonoma County native, so naturally she loves being outdoors, camping, and hiking. One of her favorite things about being in nature so much is she can collect her own geodes and crystals; finding them herself makes them so much more special! She loves working for Ooh La Luxe because it's the perfect balance of her passion for adventure and her love of fashion.


    Laura is a stylist in the Santa Rosa store and a self proclaimed brunch queen. She currently attends Sonoma State where she studies English/Creative Writing in hopes of one day running her own fashion/lifestyle magazine. One of her favorite things about working at Ooh La Luxe is how much women bring each other up both within the business and with customers.


    The newest stylist at the Santa Rosa store is Hannah and she's so excited to be working at Ooh La Luxe because she loves fashion and how people express themselves through their clothing. One of her biggest passions is animal rights, so she loves that Ooh La Luxe has such a trendy collection of vegan garments. In her free time, Hannah leads an active lifestyle; some of her favorite hobbies include hiking with her dogs and going to the gym.


    Santa Rosa resident Rose is a stylist in the Healdsburg store. She's just finishing up her general education at Santa Rosa Junior College, after which she plans to study Fine Arts in Environmental Interior Design. Rose loves to see the beauty in the world from behind the lens of her camera, and her photography passion perfectly complements her love of interior design. On the weekends, you can find Rose exploring San Francisco, catching a concert, or grabbing an Acai bowl.


    Marina is the website operator for the online store and she's based out of the warehouse in Petaluma. She started as a stylist in the Petaluma store and she always knew she wanted to grow with the company, so managing the website was a natural progression for her. She's passionate about the fashion world in general, and working for Ooh La Luxe has been a great way for her to combine her love of style with her desire to help make a difference in fashion.


    Alex is a website coordinator for the online store. He helps package orders and keep track of inventory in the warehouse, and one day he aspires to get his Ph.D Biomedical Engineering. For now, he's happy with growing Ooh La Luxe as a company, and a fun fact about him is he drinks half a gallon of kombucha a day--gut health on point!


    Raquel is the main Ooh La Luxe model and an occasional stylist in the Petaluma store. She's working on obtaining her BS in Kinesiology from Sonoma State, so it makes perfect sense that she's also a pilates instructor in Petaluma! One day, Raquel hopes to be a pediatric occupational therapist. 

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  • Oh snap, it’s the second most wonderful time of the year! Well, maybe third because truthfully my personal most wonderful time of the year is Halloween (sorry Christmas). BUT ALAS, it is festival season. I am so so excited to share with you my collaboration with Ooh La LuxeI put together some pieces to help make your Coachella (or whatever your festival poison is) experience all the easier. I will have a separate post about all my festival packing & surviving hacks but first things first, the outfits…


    You can find my collection here! So, let’s pretend we’re all going to Coachella and we’re trying to plan outfits accordingly. Here are a few possible options to endure that horrible horrible heat during the day and still look goooood:

    The Amy Jumpsuit is a perfect all day outfit. I picked this one because it’s flowy and comfortable which is number one on my list of priorities when it comes to Coachella (and everything in life #PRACTICALWOMAN). It also is one of my favorite colors! You’ll look like a cute Italian inspired sunflower.

    The Sure Thang tank (in either colors) is a perfect top! KEYWORD: top. It’s NOT a body suit. I always make the mistake of wearing a body suit similar in look to this top but then have to deal with the repercussions. That’s right, I’m talking getting fully naked EVERY TIME you have to pee. Horrible and very graphic, I know. Especially if you’re like me with a baby bladder but still chugs water like I’ve never heard of a drought – okay, getting off this topic… I would pair this top with any of the skirts on the collection page (especially the Legs 11 skirt) OR the Summer Rose shorts

    But with that heat comes the cold and being prepared for that is very necessary. You should ALWAYS have a good jacket to keep you warm. Sorry ladies, a cute light kimono does not count. I always bring a big enough purse or backpack to carry all my needs so don’t take practicality lightly! Whoever says ‘beauty is pain’ at Coachella probably ends up with pneumonia and dehydrated as hell by the end of the weekend. *a little dramatic I know but stranger things have happened!

    The Goddess Pants are a perfect option to change into at night. I’m not really a jeans person, as I usually refer to them as the restrictor of all things fun (now realizing how sexual that sounds), so I always vouch for something with soft material or is loose. You change into the pants, the Falling For You tube top and have your trusty jacket and be completely set to take on the nighttime. 

    As for shoes, I chose the Becky Sandal because it’s only one inch in height and easy to take off. I’m usually mostly barefoot the entire weekend so these shoes are perfect to look cute and be comfortable in the times you have them on. 

    I hope my selections inspire you to have some fun with your outfits! I am so excited for this festival season, and hey who knows, we could very well run into each other at Coachella with the same outfit on ;). Make sure you tag me in photos for whatever pieces you pick! Xx

    Photos by Eric Unger

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  • What's New

    We just released our festival collection yesterday and it was a hit!  Check out some behind the scenes footage of our festival photoshoot on our Instagram .

    We are going to Coachella this year with our little ones, which will be quite the adventure.  Who else is going?  We are looking forward to seeing Beyoncé, The Weekend and all the amazing fashion. 

    We are also gearing up for our May fashion show in the Santa Rosa Plaza Mall.  We will be showcasing all of our newest Summer styles on the runway.  Right now we are scouting for models and starting to piece together the styles, colors and fabrics for our Summer collection. The show will take place May 5th in the afternoon and if you attend you will receive a special goody and discount on the collection.  We are excited to be teaming up with Urban Decay, who will be doing the models makeup and providing swag bags.

    Stay tuned for more info on our Instagram page about the fashion show and our Coachella trip!

    xoxo Cristina


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  • Picture Worthy Mermaid Lemonade

    When life hands you lemons, coconut vinegar and spirulina, you make Mermaid Lemonade.

    Article by: Shannon Leparski at http://www.theglowingfridge.com

    After seeing this wellness trend all over insta, mostly being served up at juice bars and healthy restaurants, I had to try it (and hello, it just so happens to be St. Patty’s Day – happy birthday dad!). The restaurants call it chlorophyll water, I call it Mermaid Lemonade. I know right? So much better. 

    Have you seen the new ‘drinking vinegar‘ from Suja Juice? I recently tried their Blueberry Drinking Vinegar and LOVED it. The fact that it was made with coconut vinegar was even more intriguing, so I figured why not add in coconut vinegar and switch things up from the trendy apple cider vinegar? Sure, you could use apple cider vinegar if that’s all you have but the coconut vinegar from Better Body Foods tastes much milder.

    After our much-needed beauty sleep, our bodies are super dehydrated and NEED water, especially after fasting all night.

    My life changed (and my skin improved too) when I started drinking lemon water every single morning, religiously. I aim for 2-3 liters each day which may sound like a lot but its actually pretty easy. Three cups in the morning, afternoon and evening. I fill up this mason jar (or my new weck jar that I’m obsessed with) rather than wasting a bunch of plastic water bottles (I should also mention I’ve upgraded from my Brita water filter to this Aquagear filter and it’s seriously legit but that’s a different post for a different day).

    When I don’t drink enough water, I notice it the next day, in the texture of my skin. My lips also get super chapped and red! Now, my body craves lemon water like crazy and I look forward to it, before coffee of course.

    Mermaid Lemonade. Refreshing, Detoxifying and Naturally Energizing. Made with spirulina, lemon and coconut vinegar to replace your morning lemon water! #mermaid #lemonade

    Tip: rather than sipping water all throughout the day, drink a bunch at once so you aren’t going to the bathroom every 30 minutes but instead once every now and then. is that weird?! i don’t know, but it works for me.

    I’m always on the lookout for new ways to add an extra boost here and there, because why not? If you’re into the morning lemon water routine, you will love this superfood green elixir.

    Why Spirulina Powder?

    Spirulina is a superfood from the sea! Made up of 60-70% pure plant protein and complete with 18 amino acids – including ALL of the essential amino acids, its easy for our bodies to absorb and digest. Containing Vitamin B6, it will give you a dose of energy in the morning and curb unhealthy cravings. I use the spirulina powder from Organic Burst because it’s what I have on hand, but there are plenty of great brands out there! I also love this one from Pure Hawaiian and this one from Terrasoul.

    You don’t need to add a ton of spirulina because you still want to enjoy it. I only add about 1/8 – 1/4 teaspoon, but feel free to add more!

    Aside from supporting immunity, healthy brain function and healthy heart function, spirulina provides:

    • bio-available iron
    • B vitamins
    • essential fatty acids
    • chlorophyll 

    Mermaid Lemonade. Refreshing, Detoxifying and Naturally Energizing. Made with spirulina, lemon and coconut vinegar to replace your morning lemon water! #mermaid #lemonade


    Mermaid Lemonade. Refreshing, Detoxifying and Naturally Energizing. Made with spirulina, lemon and coconut vinegar to replace your morning lemon water! #mermaid #lemonade

    Why Coconut Vinegar?

    Coconut Vinegar might just be the new, much milder twin sister to apple cider vinegar.

    “Made from the nutrient-rich sap of the coconut tree, Coconut Vinegar tastes better than apple cider vinegar. Natural fermentation creates a mild flavor that’s sweet yet not coconut-y. Plus, there’s a little bit of “mother” in every bottle. Vinegar mother*, that is.” (source: Better Body Foods).

    You can cook with it, bake with it, add it to salad dressings, marinades, etc. I love it!

    All in all, this Mermaid Lemonade is refreshing, energizing, thirst-quenching and absolutely perfect for the warmer months. especially with a few ice cubes thrown in. Be sure to try out my Turmeric Glow Lemonade and Golden Glow Elixir too and spice up your morning lemon water! YUM!

    Mermaid Lemonade. Refreshing, Detoxifying and Naturally Energizing. Made with spirulina, lemon and coconut vinegar to replace your morning lemon water! #mermaid #lemonade

    1. 3 cups filtered water
    2. 1/2 lemon, juiced
    3. 1 tablespoon coconut vinegar (or apple cider vinegar)
    4. 1-2 teaspoons maple syrup, optional (or agave nectar)
    5. 1/8 - 1/4 teaspoon spirulina powder
    6. handful of ice cubes
    1. TIP: Make sure your water is room-temperature or slightly warm, to avoid the spirulina from clumping up.
    2. Pour the water into a mason (or shaker cup) and whisk in all ingredients, until well combined. Add in a handful of optional ice cubes. Stir/shake from time to time as the spirulina may settle.

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