5 ways to start the New Year right

Get your vibe and your mind right as we head into the New Year with these simple steps for a fabulous 2020!

Set Intentions - Take a moment (or a few) to sit down and focus on what your intentions are for the coming year. Do you want to spend more quality time with loved ones? Concentrate on things you are grateful for? Complain less and compliment more? Getting clear on your intentions lays the foundation for a positive and productive year. Write them down and place somewhere you will see them often - they will guide you and influence your actions as the days go by.

Meditate - It might seem difficult, but meditating is easier than you think! Plus, it offers amazing benefits like reducing stress and anxiety, lengthening attention span and promoting emotional health. These days, there are a ton of simple guided meditations on YouTube. Or, if you want to try it on your own, just sit quietly and focus on your breath. Mind wandering? That is completely normal and part of the practice! When you find yourself thinking about what’s for breakfast tomorrow or when the next Ooh La Luxe collection will drop (wink wink), just gently label the thoughts as “thinking” and bring focus back to your breath. Try 5 minutes a day to start and see how you do.

Declutter - We don’t know about you, but the amount of clutter around our homes is downright daunting sometimes! Junk mail, old magazines, almost empty skincare bottles...it seems never ending and can seriously mess with the tranquility of your space and your mental state. Dedicate a couple of hours to decluttering your home as we begin the new year - we promise, you will feel better after. To maintain your new, clutter-free areas, make this your mantra as new items make their way in: don’t put it down, put it away or throw it away!

Celebrate Your Accomplishments - We are firm believers in giving yourself props for every little thing you do. It’s a great way to foster a positive state of mind and a total confidence boost when you’re feeling down. Seriously - celebrate it all. You drank 8 glasses of water today? Amazing! Made it to work on time? Good for you! Ran a marathon while working 60 hours a week and maintaining a 4.0 GPA? You are a rockstar! Write down your accomplishments in a journal and look back over them from time to time. You might surprise yourself with just how much you achieve each day.

JUST DO IT - Whether it’s completing a task you committed to, deciding to go back to school or bringing a new, groundbreaking business idea to reality - follow through with your plans. It’s easy to let fear take over and stop you before you start, but we truly believe the scariest thing is to live with regret. It was scary when we quit our jobs 10 years ago to focus on Ooh La Luxe full time, but we are SO happy that we did. You are smart and resourceful - you have the power to make things happen and create the life you want. Get out there and JUST DO IT this year! Remember, the best things in life are achieved outside of your comfort zone :)

We would love to hear what you’re intentions are and how you are doing with your steps throughout the year! Share with us using #luxelist2020 on Instagram @oohlaluxe 


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