Our Favorite Natural Face Cleanser

Everybody wants to have clean, unblemished facial skin, and cosmetic companies are taking advantage of this by selling a variety of facial cleansers at insanely high prices. But why spend so much money on in effective cosmetic products when you can make your own homemade all-natural facial cream?

For this Coconut oil and baking soda Face mask, you will need:

What to do next:

1- Cleanse your face with warm water and mild face wash or soap and pat dry.

2- Mix the baking soda and coconut oil into a nice paste. 

3- Apply on your face and neck and scrub gently. I repeat again, scrub gently.

4- Wait for 5 minutes and wipe off with a warm cloth before washing it off with warm water. 

5- Splash cold water on your face for a minute to close your opened pores.

6- Recommended to do 2-3 times a week for best results. No more.

7- Use any leftover to exfoliate your underarms, hands, and legs.

NOTE: I’ve just done mine right before bedtime. I think that’s the best way to go unless you’re looking to get a tan on your face?


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