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We just released our festival collection yesterday and it was a hit!  Check out some behind the scenes footage of our festival photoshoot on our Instagram .

We are going to Coachella this year with our little ones, which will be quite the adventure.  Who else is going?  We are looking forward to seeing Beyoncé, The Weekend and all the amazing fashion. 

We are also gearing up for our May fashion show in the Santa Rosa Plaza Mall.  We will be showcasing all of our newest Summer styles on the runway.  Right now we are scouting for models and starting to piece together the styles, colors and fabrics for our Summer collection. The show will take place May 5th in the afternoon and if you attend you will receive a special goody and discount on the collection.  We are excited to be teaming up with Urban Decay, who will be doing the models makeup and providing swag bags.

Stay tuned for more info on our Instagram page about the fashion show and our Coachella trip!

xoxo Cristina



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