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Oh snap, it’s the second most wonderful time of the year! Well, maybe third because truthfully my personal most wonderful time of the year is Halloween (sorry Christmas). BUT ALAS, it is festival season. I am so so excited to share with you my collaboration with Ooh La LuxeI put together some pieces to help make your Coachella (or whatever your festival poison is) experience all the easier. I will have a separate post about all my festival packing & surviving hacks but first things first, the outfits…


You can find my collection here! So, let’s pretend we’re all going to Coachella and we’re trying to plan outfits accordingly. Here are a few possible options to endure that horrible horrible heat during the day and still look goooood:

The Amy Jumpsuit is a perfect all day outfit. I picked this one because it’s flowy and comfortable which is number one on my list of priorities when it comes to Coachella (and everything in life #PRACTICALWOMAN). It also is one of my favorite colors! You’ll look like a cute Italian inspired sunflower.

The Sure Thang tank (in either colors) is a perfect top! KEYWORD: top. It’s NOT a body suit. I always make the mistake of wearing a body suit similar in look to this top but then have to deal with the repercussions. That’s right, I’m talking getting fully naked EVERY TIME you have to pee. Horrible and very graphic, I know. Especially if you’re like me with a baby bladder but still chugs water like I’ve never heard of a drought – okay, getting off this topic… I would pair this top with any of the skirts on the collection page (especially the Legs 11 skirt) OR the Summer Rose shorts

But with that heat comes the cold and being prepared for that is very necessary. You should ALWAYS have a good jacket to keep you warm. Sorry ladies, a cute light kimono does not count. I always bring a big enough purse or backpack to carry all my needs so don’t take practicality lightly! Whoever says ‘beauty is pain’ at Coachella probably ends up with pneumonia and dehydrated as hell by the end of the weekend. *a little dramatic I know but stranger things have happened!

The Goddess Pants are a perfect option to change into at night. I’m not really a jeans person, as I usually refer to them as the restrictor of all things fun (now realizing how sexual that sounds), so I always vouch for something with soft material or is loose. You change into the pants, the Falling For You tube top and have your trusty jacket and be completely set to take on the nighttime. 

As for shoes, I chose the Becky Sandal because it’s only one inch in height and easy to take off. I’m usually mostly barefoot the entire weekend so these shoes are perfect to look cute and be comfortable in the times you have them on. 

I hope my selections inspire you to have some fun with your outfits! I am so excited for this festival season, and hey who knows, we could very well run into each other at Coachella with the same outfit on ;). Make sure you tag me in photos for whatever pieces you pick! Xx

Photos by Eric Unger


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