How to Dress Bohemian Style With Affordable Bohemian Fashion

From gypsy to hippie, from irreverent to unintentionally trendsetting, bohemian style is all about unleashing your inner artist and showing off a free-spirited vibe in the way you dress. It's about relaxed fits, natural fabrics, and earth-inspired prints like florals and paisley. It's about rejecting trends and embracing individuality, layering as many of your favorite pieces on as you want.

Bohemian style clothing is classically cool yet always evolving. It flatters any type of body and instantly makes anyone feel comfortable. Bohemian fashion is our passion. Here's why it should be yours, too.


The History of Boho Fashion

The term “bohemian” dates all the way back to the early 1800s and was used to describe unconventional artists and later travelers from Eastern Europe. By the early 1900s in America, more women sought to dress outside “the norm,” rejecting conventional standards to show off their individual senses of style outside professional confines, favoring art over industry.

After the first two World Wars, the emergence of jazz and later rock brought artistic styles to the mainstream stage, inspiring fans to dress how they desired off the stage, too. The Hippie Movement in America in the 1960s was a pivotal moment for boho fashion, as music festivals and a counterculture rebuffing mainstream life became a major influence.

Love for art and travel are still major influences in today's bohemian style. Since the flowy fits make bohemian style clothes easy to move around in, the fashions are often top choices everywhere from music festivals to worldwide sightseeing trips. There are no rules when it comes to cultivating bohemian fashion, which is why it's such a successful way to turn heads. You can truly create looks all your own through layering, experimenting, and simply wearing what feels right.


Bohemian Style Clothing to Help You Capture the Look

The amazing part about bohemian fashion is that mixing up staples in your closet gives you a never-ending supply of styles to try out. If you want to learn how to dress bohemian style, keep these guidelines in mind:

  • Pay attention to the details. From exotic prints to lacy trims, boho clothes make you look like a walking piece of art. Search for items that look like they may have come from a faraway land or that require double takes to decipher patterns, like the Leilani Top. Anything inspired by nature, like flower, sun, and star patterns, is a way to capture a celestial feel.
  • Don't be scared of vintage influence. Boho fashion is a style rooted in history, so throw all “modern” sensibilities out the window and pay homage to fashion icons of decades past. Think Brigitte Bardot, Stevie Nicks, and Jane Birkin, all the way up to today's Sienna Miller and Zooey Deschanel. The Stevie Romper is a perfect example of an updated take on a classic look.
  • Layer, layer, layer. Use bohemian accessories to add artistic flair to your look. From ankle boots and long necklaces, to head chains and boot socks, let each piece you wear tell a special story and add more intrigue to your ensemble.
  • Wear what you love. The number-one way to dress in a bohemian style is to wear what makes you happy. Don't care about how others might react. When you love the clothes you're in, you exude confidence. That's the best part about boho fashion.

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