Holiday Glam: Let it Glow!

Holiday Glam: Let it Glow!

Holiday Glam: Let it Glow!

The Holiday Season is all about celebrating togetherness, so naturally it's chock full of family gatherings, holiday work parties, and get-togethers with friends. Finding a look that's fun, fresh, and simple can be a tricky task, so we asked beauty and food blogger Anisa of Whisk & Heels to tell us about some of her go-to beauty tips to glow all season long!

What's your go to makeup look for holiday parties and gatherings?

A: I change it up ALL the time because I am a makeup junkie and love any excuse to delve into my stash.  If I want to go for a classic look, I'll do a shimmery eye, glowing cheeks, and a red lip.  This look is especially great when you're crunched for time because you need minimal products and effort to for it to look amazing.

I created this video tutorial so you can recreate my favorite holiday look two ways - subtle and full on glam.  Both are equally gorgeous.

What three products can you not live without to create this look?

A: My favorite products this season are:

Okay, so tell me about strobing?

 A: So easy!  And SO gorgeous.  Thanks to Kim K, we've been hearing ALL about highlighting (using lighter shades to bring features forward) and contouring (using darker shades to create shadows and chiseled features).  To strobe, you skip the contour and layer your highlight up so that the features you want to emphasize really radiate and draw the eye to them.  This technique is one of my personal favorites for that "lit from within" glowing look. 

For a strobing step-by-step and some of my favorite products, you can check out my strobing tutorial here.

I couldn't help but notice your hair is on point, too. What's your favorite Holiday hair look, and how did you create it?

A: I'm all about second (... Or third) day hair and working with my hair's natural texture.  Since my hair is long, wavy, and thick, I like to use a dry shampoo to pump up the volume at my roots.  I let that sit an absorb with my hair in a messy bun on top of my head while I do my makeup, then I flip my head upside down and blast the roots with my blow dryer to both set the volume and get out any excess dry shampoo powder.   I use a 1" wand to randomly wrap sections, making sure to wrap the sections closest to my face away from my face.  I use a styling cream to add some piece-y definition and finish with a few hair flips.  Et fin!  

Simplicity and a style you're a pro at are essential for low-stress holiday glam.  If you want to try a new style (like an up-do), practice it beforehand so you have a realistic understanding of how the style will work on your hair as well as how much time you'll need to do it.  If styling your hair yourself stresses you out or you have your heart set on a complicated 'do, pay a pro to do it for you.  There are tons of salons specializing in styling (as opposed to full-service cut and colors), and plenty of services the salon will bring to you, depending on where you're located.  Your sanity is definitely worth the $30.


So we've covered products, makeup and hair, but if you could leave us with one final tip to stay looking gorgeous all season, what would it be?

A: TAKE CARE OF YOUR SKIN!!!  You guys.  Winter is harsh.  You're probably eating, drinking, working, and traveling more, and sleeping less.  Couple that with winter weather conditions, and your skin is bound to get grumpy. 

During the winter, I dedicate one evening a week to resuscitating my dull, dehydrated skin (on top of my usual nightly care).  I exfoliate at the end of a hot shower, immediately layer on a charcoal mask, followed by a hydrating mask (or sheet mask, I go back and forth), and finally apply a rich moisturizer just before bed.  It's a lot of steps, I know, but it's so easy to multitask (I like to make myself do chores while I have my masks on...).  Experiment, find the pampering that works best for your skin, and be diligent! 

Happy Styling and Happier Holidays, ladies!

~Serena x Whisk & Heels


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