Trendy Clothes: 5 Tips to Finding Your New Bold Style

Trendy Clothes: 5 Tips to Finding Your New Bold Style

If you have decided to step out of your fashion comfort zone, congratulations! Trendy clothes for women offer multiple ways to experiment and hone your sense of style, but taking the plunge with a daring crop top or lace-up bodysuit can be a little intimidating at first.  Get ready to unleash your inner fashion trailblazer with these tips for staying confident and comfortable no matter what new hot fashion you’re donning.

1. Make Sure It Fits

The last thing you need is to feel self-conscious when you give a mini-romper or sheer crochet a try for the first time. Don’t just slip on the garments you’re thinking about getting  move around in them. Walk around several steps, bend down, and even jump around. The perfect fit of the garment means you’ll know it looks put-together and polished, no matter how bold the look.

2. Find Clothing Material You Feel Most Comfortable In

You’ll quickly discover that all our tops and bottoms are extremely comfortable and stylish. But since you’re experimenting to find your new style, look for trendy clothing that comes in material that you personally find more comfortable. You’ll feel more relaxed that way when heading out on the town for the first time in a new ensemble, whether you prefer cotton or a polyester blend.

3. Try One Trend at a Time

For an extra boost of confidence, pair whatever women’s trendy clothes item you’re interested in with something from your closet you always feel fabulous in. You could try vibrant, printed leggings from our bottoms collection with that cozy sweater that never fails you, or pair some combat boots with your go-to skirt. Avoid a trend overload by simplifying your look with one trendy item at a time until that item becomes one of your mainstays you wouldn’t bat an eyelash at.

4. Keep It Simple

Be mindful of trends-within-a-trend, too. If you’re trying a cross-back dress from our dress collection and feel like baring your back gives you your fill of sex appeal, keep it subdued in front by covering up the cleavage. A fringe boho vest can really turn some heads, but one in a neutral color makes it easier to integrate into your normal wardrobe than one that’s neon. 

5. Tie It Together With the Details

To incorporate your new perfect-fitting and super-comfortable outfit, find in an ensemble that features other favorite styles you know bring the wow factor. Be sure to take extra care to perfect other elements of your get-up to elevate your poise. Stick to straightforward, classic makeup and hair styles, and spritz on a few sprays of your favorite scent. The more well-groomed you feel, the more you’ll exude fearlessness while wearing your new look.

Take baby steps during your trend-trying journey, and pieces that may have made you nervous may become your new worn-in favorites. Ooh La Loft has tons of women’s trendy clothes online that offer the perfect mix of classic style and intriguing touches. Shop our new arrivals now to start setting some trends yourself.


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