Skin Saving Tips for Winter

Skin Saving Tips for Winter

Skin Saving Tips for Winter

It's no secret that weather changes affect our beauty rituals. However, when we've established routines, it can be hard to navigate how to change them without a little guidance. So, to make it easier to figure out how to look your very best as the weather cools down, I compiled some of my favorite tips from different beauty gurus and bloggers alike--and they work for all skin types!

1. Always, always always remove your makeup. This one will be a no brainer for most, but I'm sure I speak for all of us when I say we've had those nights where we felt too tired to do it. Our skin regenerates at night, so falling asleep in makeup means your pores are trying to renew themselves with a bunch of makeup clogging them--ew, right? This is even more important as the weather gets colder and our skin gets drier. If you're really too tired to wash your face, at the very least keep a pack of makeup removing wipes next to your bed. Your skin will thank you when it doesn't look dull and flakey. Other consequences of falling asleep in makeup include premature aging, wrinkles, and increased risk for acne and blemishes. So just do it.

2. Don't skip out on moisturizing. This is a mistake I notoriously made for years until I got a facial and was sternly reprimanded by my esthetician. I used to put on oil zapping masques and use blemish control formulas, and I would wonder why my skin wasn't getting any better. If your skin gets too dry, it will naturally produce more oil to compensate, which is obviously the opposite of what you want! Cold weather and wind especially increases the risk of drying, so it's extra important to keep on top of moisturizing in the winter months.

3. Lotion is your actual BFF. Especially on those extra dry areas like knees and elbows. I'm currently obsessed with Avene Cold Cream from the Beauty Box. This extra hydrating formula absorbs quickly and leaves even the driest parts of my skin silky smooth.

4. Apply your eye cream carefully. Did you know you're supposed to use your ring finger only to apply eye cream? The skin around our eyes is extremely delicate, and any unnecessary pulling can cause wrinkles and bags, but our ring finger naturally applies less pressure. Additionally, most of us apply the cream way too close to our eyes. Gently applying it to the area around our eyes is enough, your skin will actually deliver it to your entire eye area anyway. The ring finger technique is also applicable if you pull your eyelid taught to apply eyeliner!

5. Don't over exfoliate! I have heard a lot of differing opinions on this one. I have a clarisonic and I used to use it nightly before my dermatologist told me I was causing unnecessary abrasion on my skin from exfoliating too much. Exfoliation is important to slough away dead skin and keep our faces looking fresh, but it's not necessary to do it daily, especially when our skin is drier from the cold. A few times a week is more than enough. Additionally, if you use an exfoliating scrub with the little beads in it, check what those beads are made of! Many of them use apricot pits and other sharp materials that tear the delicate skin on our faces--ouch!

Do you have any products you love to use through winter, or additional tips for keeping your skin looking fresh all season? Leave them in the comments below!

Happy Styling Ladies!


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