Your Favorite Wardrobe Stylists Are Now Offering Home Styling!

Your Favorite Wardrobe Stylists Are Now Offering Home Styling!

Your Favorite Wardrobe Stylists Are Now Offering Home Styling!

If you've ever been to either Ooh La Loft location, then you know we not only have a passion for fashion, but also a flair for interior design aesthetics. We believe that part of the joy of delivering quality products is giving you some suggestions for how to use those products.

Both of our stores have always offered home goods--most of our furniture and displays are for sale. However, we recently decided to expand our inventory of home goods to include a selection of art, furniture, and home décor, in addition to offering home styling services. That's right--now we can style your wardrobe and your house.

True to our word, we would never dream of just telling you about what we have to offer--we're going to show you. Get inspired by co-owner Cristina's gorgeous country house. It's like something out of a boho-chic fairy tale. Or, you know, pinterest...

Lets start with the kitchen. Notice the simplicity of the overall layout contrasted with the complexity of the details, like the texture of the mat on the kitchen floor and the intricacy of the light fixture. This allows the ornate beauty of these pieces to be showcased in a setting where the background is free of clutter and distraction. Furry throws like the one pictured on the brown leather armchair are available in store, along with a stunning assortment of vintage throws.

Next, we move into the bedroom which preserves the crisp, white-washed theme of the kitchen while adding in warm neutrals and a woodsy element--perfect for cozying up a room. Notice how, while there are multiple colors at play here, they are all in a similar palette so it's not aesthetically overwhelming. Also notice how while each room is unique, there are certain aspects carried between rooms like light, light fixtures, and one we're about to see a little more of--geometric composition.

Surprise! Even the bathroom is cute. Here, we really see the role of geometry in creating a pleasing visual. The vintage rug in the bedroom was the perfect complementary detail to introduce use of shapes, and now we see it again here in the bathroom tile, wood planks on the drawers/cabinet, and circular mirror hanging above the sink.

Do you like what you see? Want to get more ideas about how to style your home? Stay tuned for next week's home styling blog, and contact to start getting inspired!

Happy Styling Ladies!



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