Our Story

Ooh La Luxe ♡ a brand for babes with a wanderlust heart & gypsy soul

Stylish * Unique * Chic

The Ooh La Luxe woman uses her outer appearance as an expression of who she is on the inside: confident, beautiful, creative, strong and sexy. Lace, fringe, bring it all on. The Ooh La Luxe woman sees beauty all around her, and always lets her fellow women know when their outfit has got it going on. The Ooh La Luxe woman knows that all women are beautiful.

She is Wild, Fun, & Free. Runs to the beat of her own drum. Determined. Strong. Beautiful. Dances in the rain. And always looks good doing it. With a smile on her face and a twinkle in her eye. She never settles for alright. She is fierce. She is... An Ooh La Luxe woman.

Curated by twin sisters, Cristina & Michelle Wilson, these unique pieces are handpicked for the everyday fashionista with effortlessly cool California style. The Northern California based designers launched their first boutique store 'Ooh La Loft'  in 2008 and with a huge following for their brand, opened Ooh La Luxe and decided to start their own clothing line and online store featuring their own line as well as other brands they love!  Most of our clothing is designed right here in the golden state.  We hope you enjoy our beautiful collection as much as we do!